Santa Treat Board & Door Hanger

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What better way for the kids to go to bed on Christmas Eve then to leave Father Christmas and Rudolph a treat on their very own thank you treat board after asking them to stop by using the personalised door hanger.

You can choose the design - "Dear Father Christmas" or "Dear Santa".

We will change the top lettering to suit.

The treat board is made from bamboo and 100% personalised. You can leave a message of your choice (in place of the the thank you note) and the names at the bottom.

If you would like to keep the thank you note and just change the name, please just leave the names required at checkout.

Material: Bamboo

Size: 250mm

Thickness: 20mm

Instead of the traditional "Santa, Please Stop Here" sign in the garden, why not have a small discreet door hanger to hang on Christmas Eve.

Made from Acrylic, our door hangers can be personalised with any child name or names. You can use it outdoors and indoors. Hang it on any door, including bedroom doors.

Add a little bit more of Christmas underneath the wreath this Christmas

Material: Gloss Acrylic

Size: 220x90mm